How to Motivate Your Clients for a Kick-Butt Workout

Any serious lifter can tell you that in order to continue making progress in size, strength and/or fat loss over the long term, just about every workout needs to be performed with maximum intensity. 

In the beginning, almost any new stimulus will ignite positive changes.

However, after several years of pushing and pulling the iron you must continually push yourself to new levels, and this takes an extraordinary amount of dedication, discipline, passion and of course - motivation!

Here we present to you 7 great ways to get mentally ready (to tear things up) before even heading to the gym!

Utilize Visualization & meditation

One of the best ways to “prime” your mind and body for an intense training session is to visualize it happening before you even grab the first DB.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed for about 10-15 minutes before your workout and think about what you want to accomplish and how good it will feel to make weights that are normally heavy feel light as a feather. See yourself getting the greatest pump of your life with new muscles, veins and cuts popping out like never before!

Listen to Good Music

It has been scientifically proven that listening to music that “moves you” can increase both strength and intensity while training. On the way to the gym make sure your speakers are pounding with beats that are feeding your nervous system to fire on all cylinders!

Insure Fitness Group has even expertly curated playlists for any type of workout to get you in the zone. Download them for FREE here.

View Pictures/Videos of those you Admire in the industry

Most of us aspire to look like someone, whether it is a particular bodybuilder, athlete, fellow gym mate or even actor. While we must all strive to bring out the best in ourselves, there is nothing wrong with trying to “mold your physique” into something similar of someone you look up to.

When a boost in intensity is needed sometimes all it takes is looking at photos and/or videos of your “hero” to get your head in the game and fuel your fire.

Utilize an Effective Pre-Workout Product

Most of us need to train early in the morning before work or later in the day right after work. This is not always the easiest thing to do as the pressures of “real life” can often suck the energy right out of you.

This is where a high quality, scientifically proven and intelligently dosed pre-workout supplement can work near miracles. While some products can make one feel nothing more than jittery and/or anxious, the good ones will create real physical, mental and emotional energy.

Do your research and experiment to find the right one for you.

Read Meaningful Quotes

It’s amazing how powerful the right words can be when in need of the kind of motivation it takes to get in the gym and really get after it.

Do a Google search on inspirational quotes whenever you need a good kick in the rear and you may find that even a single, well-written sentence lights a match in you that ignites a flame.

For more training tips, check out Coach Eric Broser.
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