Zumba Instructor Trainings: Which to Choose and Why

If you’re new to the wonderful world of Zumba, it’s possible you read the title of this blog and thought something like—wait, there’s more than one Zumba training out there? Isn’t it all just dancing and moving around to booty-shaking, gotta-get-grooving music?

In a way, you’re not wrong. Zumba is all about getting up, moving, and having a blast while doing it. That being said, the idea that there’s just one type of Zumba out there is, well, not the case at all, friends.

If you’re considering getting your certification in Zumba so you can add a fun, exciting class to your training repertoire, then it’s time to get you well-acquainted with your options. Before we dive into the types of training (and believe us, there are quite a few options out there), we’re going to introduce you to a few need-to-know Zumba facts.

For example:

  • Zumba is all about the dancing, no matter what training you go for. By definition, Zumba is a dance fitness program that was created by, you guessed it, a dancer.
  • There’s no one type of dancing in this workout—it incorporates all kinds of fun styles like merengue, mambo, samba, salsa, and more.
  • Zumba is often thought of less as fitness and more as a dance fitness party. In other words, if you’re planning to add Zumba to your personal training repertoire, it’s best to put your party pants on, because this form of fitness places a huge emphasis on fun.
  • Zumba is never about a person’s dancing skills. It’s entirely about their commitment to movement and to having fun. As a leader who’s teaching a Zumba class, it’s vital that you explain this to your clients—who cares if they don’t get the steps correct all at once? As long as they’re moving—and having a blast doing it—everything is going as planned.

5 Types of Zumba Training to Consider & Why You Should Choose Them

Since its inception in the mid-1990s, Zumba has changed the lives of tons of people! This dance-based fitness is proven to increase muscle tone, lower blood pressure, decrease body fat, improve stamina and aerobic threshold, and even increase bone density. In other words, the benefits are pretty impressive and Zumba is a good choice for anyone who’s looking to improve their health.

That being said, there are different Zumba programs out there that could best fit specific people, which is where the unique training sessions come into play. Here are just a few Zumba trainings you can participate in (and why you should pick them!) 

1. Zumba

The basic Zumba training is for the personal trainer who wants to target a large group, draw in a bigger audience, and offer plenty of basic classes. Consider this an intro to the many types of Zumba that are available out there. This dance-inspired program doesn’t require any previous experience from clients and is all about the joy of moving and having fun (and getting a workout while you’re at it).  

Who This Class Targets: Any client who’s looking to get moving and improve their health. Typically people in the ages ranging from teens to mid-50s. People of all shapes and sizes can take part in this type of program.

2. Zumba Gold

This type of Zumba is pretty similar to the concept of the original—except, it has a specific twist. Zumba gold is, you guessed it, perfect for clients in their golden years. It’s made more accessible for seniors, beginners, and those who need modifications for their exercise routine. Overall, it’s made to help build cardiovascular health and work big muscle groups like hips, legs, and arms.

Who This Class Targets: Any client who’s in their golden years

3. Zumbatomic

This is Zumba, but for kids. This is the perfect class for kiddos who want to get moving and get their exercise in without doing, you know, the boring kind of exercise. This fun, fast-paced, and exciting workout is targeted for kiddos 12 and under, but it’s also a perfect way to team up parents and kids for a class that’s not just a fun way to bond, but also a fantastic exercise.

Who This Class Targets: Little ones, kiddos, and pre-teens

4. Aqua Zumba

This one is, well, exactly as it sounds. It’s water aerobics, but with that classic Zumba kick to it! Think of this type of workout as more than just a dance party—it’s a pool party, too! It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it adds an interesting element to the normal Zumba routine.

Who This Class Targets: Anyone who can swim and enjoy moving. It’s great for seniors or folks who need modified workouts to go easy on their joints.

5. Zumba Toning

This type of Zumba is for the client who’s looking to target their body with sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work. This type of Zumba takes the dancing to the next level with additional equipment like toning sticks, lightweights, dumbbells, and more!

Who This Class Targets: This class is perfect for the client who’s looking to take it a step past just cardio—this is for your muscle-building clientele who’s ready to get toned!

The good news? There are even more Zumba trainings available out there and plenty of certifications you earn within these trainings.

Are you one of those overachievers who likes to offer a multitude of options for your clients? Perfect. Consider getting certified in each type of Zumba to broaden your client base and help the most amount of people possible! Like we always say, the more trainings the merrier

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