How to Earn Your Pilates Certification

You’ve been practicing pilates for years. Now you’re thinking about turning your passion into a viable business plan. But how do you get certified? And what kind of pilates instructor insurance is required before you start a business? There are approximately 8.6 million fitness-related injuries in America each year. So before you launch your pilates business, you […]

How To Teach Pilates to a Variety of Body Types and Fitness Levels

A Pilates laying down on mats in a pose.

Breathe in, breathe out, and move with the flow. As a Pilates instructor, you are probably well-versed in teaching a class and seeing your students move effortlessly from one position to the next, enjoying a seamless workout that flows together. However, as you might have also experienced, there can be times when the class feels […]

How Much Do You Earn As a Pilates Instructor?

pilates instructor salary

Pilates instructors help guide their students to better health and wellness through some pretty tough sequences. While rewarding for the student, pilates instructors themselves can also build a lucrative career around teaching this special training method. In today’s deep dive, we’re covering how much Pilates instructors make and the best practices for building a solid […]

IFG Favorite Things: Pilates Method Alliance

IFG Favorite Things: Pilates Alliance Method

At Insure Fitness Group, we prioritize helping you ensure you’re covered with the best career-specific insurance out there. But we couldn’t possibly know what makes the most sense for you as a personal trainer, fitness pro, Pilates instructor, etc. (there are so many fitness niches out there), without whole-heartedly diving into the fitness world right […]

Top 10 Reasons Pilates Instructors Need Liability Insurance

reasons pilates instructors need insurance

 Pilates instructor insurance is the safeguard needed to be able to practice what you love with confidence. Still, the cost of insurance and knowing exactly what you’re getting can make some people hesitant to get coverage at all. After all, the likelihood of a claim is relatively small, right?  Unfortunately, the world we live in and […]

Things to Never Say to Your Personal Training Clients

You’ve been in the personal training world for a minute, so you probably already have an entire vocabulary of lingo, mantras, and motivational elevator speeches to kick your clients’ inspiration into high gear. The point is, you already know that what you say is hugely important to your clients—the right pep talk, the right amount of […]

Virtual Workouts & Certification Courses

As a dedicated personal trainer, it’s likely that your career—and of course, the clients you help—mean the world to you. It probably goes without saying that you’d do whatever it takes to protect and safeguard that career to ensure that no matter what happens, at the end of the day, you’re able to continue helping your clients meet their goals while you build a name for yourself in the fitness industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pilates Instructor

So, you want to be a Pilates instructor, huh?
First of all, we’ll be the first to say you’re making a dang good career choice—no matter what sort of fitness training background you’re coming from.

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